Review 2023

On January 16th, A Plus Mineral Material Corporation held a strategic meeting to review 2023 achievements, set ambitious goals for 2024, and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Review 2023
  2. 1.1. Breaking Through Challenges
  3. 1.2. New initiative in Logistics
  4. 1.3. Digital Transformation at Velocitized Pace
  5. 2. Highlights of Digital Transformation in 2023
  6. 2.1. Implementation of Base Enterprise Management System
  7. 2.2. Integration of Salesforce for Customer Management
  8. 3. What to expect in 2024
  9. 3.1. Enhancing Supply Capacity
  10. 3.2. Nurturing Service Capacity
  11. 4. Reaffirming Commitments

On the 16th of January, A Plus Mineral Material Corporation held a strategic meeting that brought together a diverse assembly of participants, including office personnel, operational staff spanning various regions, plant management, and our director.

The strategic meeting brings together various stakeholders of A Plus

The strategic meeting brings together various stakeholders of A Plus

The primary goals were to conduct a comprehensive review of the achievements in 2023, propose ambitious objectives for the upcoming year, and foster a collaborative environment to encourage insightful contributions from all stakeholders.

1. Review 2023

1.1. Breaking Through Challenges

In the face of the myriad challenges that marked the landscape of 2023, including the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainties, surging shipping costs, and global geopolitical tensions, our journey presented us with formidable tests. However, the resilience and dedication of the A Plus team shone through. Despite these hurdles, we remained unwavering in our commitment to exporting high-quality Vietnamese stone to diverse nations, including the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, and others.

A Plus continued to deliver High-quality stones to customers worldwide

A Plus continued to deliver High-quality stones to customers worldwide

An important aspect of our journey in 2023 was the strong trust our customers placed in us. Despite facing challenges that others might find difficult to overcome, we completed challenging orders. This success is not just about business accomplishments; it represents an opportunity for us to grow and make a significant contribution to the development of both A Plus and the Vietnamese stone industry as a whole.

1.2. New initiative in Logistics

Our production system, designed with inherent flexibility to economize warehouse costs, continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of clients’ orders. However, when looking forward, in our pursuit of enhanced supply capabilities, we have strategically expanded our warehousing infrastructure. This initiative ensures that frequently ordered items are readily available, minimizing lead times and optimizing our supply chain efficiency. What remains for us now is the space to optimize logistic operations with new warehouse systems.

Increase warehouse capacity is one of our new initiatives

Increase warehouse capacity is one of our new initiatives

1.3. Digital Transformation at Velocitized Pace

The pursuit of digital transformation has emerged as a focal point for A Plus in the past two years, reflecting a commitment to innovation and staying ahead of industry trends. Despite the traditionally conservative nature of the stone industry, A Plus aspires to lead, delivering unparalleled customer service even in the most challenging economic climates. Now, realistic digital assessments inform our strategies and the journey toward a digital future is marked by tangible progress.

2. Highlights of Digital Transformation in 2023

2.1. Implementation of Base Enterprise Management System

The adoption of the system has revolutionized our supply chain operations. By consolidating all traditional processes into this digital platform, we can meticulously monitor workflows and achieve a comprehensive understanding of our supply chain. This, in turn, enables us to pinpoint and address operational bottlenecks. Our commitment to this data-driven approach is pivotal in our continuous pursuit of operational excellence, simultaneously alleviating our employees from the burden of paperwork.

2.2. Integration of Salesforce for Customer Management

A significant stride in our digital journey involves the integration of Salesforce for managing our customer lists. This platform has empowered our sales team by streamlining administrative tasks and providing invaluable insights through dynamic dashboards. The insights gleaned from Salesforce have proven instrumental in shaping our market strategies for 2024, aligning product offerings with market demands, and enhancing the personalized experience we provide to our valued customers.

A Plus's Marketing Team

A Plus' Marketing team

3. What to expect in 2024

3.1. Enhancing Supply Capacity

As we set our sights on 2024, our strategic focus remains unwavering and committed to enhancing our supply capacities. The opening of additional warehouses, strategically positioned to reduce lead times for standard orders, is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to digital transformation extends to the implementation of production plans based on market demand forecasts. This proactive approach optimizes productivity, accelerates order fulfillment, and ensures efficient inventory management.

We are actively working towards implementing the Base system across 100% of our production areas, leveraging its capabilities to streamline processes and enhance overall operational efficiency. Our relationships with regional workers are central to our operational efficiency, ensuring seamless production readiness and adherence to rigorous digital monitoring processes.

Our research and development efforts remain dynamic, responsive to market demands, and ready to introduce new products tailored to customer needs.

3.2. Nurturing Service Capacity

Digital automation takes center stage in our pursuit of improved service capacities in the next year. Automated real-time email updates to customers to provide timely information (quotation, order status, etc.), ensuring transparency and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to customer-centricity is reinforced through regular direct email surveys (in the most intuitive and unintrusive way), allowing us to gauge customer satisfaction levels and address concerns promptly.

Employee training is a cornerstone of our strategy to proactively address customer feedback. By fostering a deep understanding of customer needs, our employees become adept at resolving issues efficiently. Our continuous market research initiatives keep us abreast of evolving trends, market dynamics, and customer preferences, enabling us to introduce competitive and relevant products. This proactive approach positions us as a dynamic player, ready to adapt and meet the evolving needs of our customer base.

A Plus’s office team

A Plus’s office team

4. Reaffirming Commitments

In our strategic meeting for 2024, our active team focused on some important promises that really represent who we are. We're committed to always making our products better, so they meet top-notch international standards, and we want our customers around the world to have the best buying experience.

Looking back at the tough times in 2021 with the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam, A Plus stayed strong. We made sure our supply chain was steady, and we didn't let our customers down. Going through that made us determined to face challenges, come up with new ideas, and get ready for a successful 2024.

As we get closer to the Lunar New Year of 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon, our office is buzzing with orders for the end of the year. We don't just see these as business deals; they're important steps toward making 2024 a more productive and innovative year. The A Plus team is excited for what's ahead, ready to use our strengths, grab opportunities, and help the whole stone industry succeed.

See you there on our 2024 journey!

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