About us

Who we are and What we do

Who we are

A Plus Mineral Material Corporation proudly stands as a leading natural stone manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Vietnam, specializing in three main types of stone: black basalt stone, granite, and bluestone (or blue limestone). Our roots are firmly embedded in the rich tapestry of Vietnam's natural resources, and we are dedicated to showcasing this unique beauty to the world.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the natural stone industry, A Plus Corporation is a professional Vietnamese stone company committed to providing high-quality building materials for landscaping, exterior, interior construction, and other decorative purposes.

What we do

We contribute to the success of our customers with better quality natural stone sources at competitive prices. Our commitment goes beyond a simple transaction; it's about delivering peace of mind and the utmost convenience for A Plus's customers. We provide a comprehensive solution from quarry and factory production to packaging and world-class delivery services (European-Japanese-American standards).

We offer a diverse range of standard stone products such as cubes, paving, tiles, slabs, and steps, as well as intricate stones, including pool coping, wall covering, and other customized stones to meet the specific design preferences of our customers.

We supply project and regular stockyard orders, from a container combination of diversified finished products to hundreds of container projects. Each detail is meticulously taken care of to address the exact requirements of customers.

Our Teamwork and Commitment

Our teamwork

A Plus strongly believes in and offers equal opportunities, and job fairs for all people in the company. We work as a team with respect and trust for each other. We aim for enthusiasm, a safe work environment, and the health of employees in accordance with laws. We have zero tolerance for child labor in the workplace.

We stimulate lifelong learning for all employees and provide diverse opportunities for training to ensure that workers and staff are equipped with the best skills and knowledge.

Our long-term commitment

Our long-term commitment is to conduct business in a manner that respects people and the environment. We work hard to carry out social activities, focusing on several priority areas like supporting local schools and orphanages through funding and sponsorship. Moreover, we inspire our team members to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Over the years, we have gathered gratitude, sincere feedback, and trust from our customers, serving as the driving force behind our continuous development. Looking to the future, A Plus is excited to contribute even more success and joy to our customers worldwide, remaining a beacon of excellence in the natural stone industry. From Asia to Europe and America, our commitment extends globally, making A Plus Corporation a trusted worldwide supplier of premium natural stone products.