Basalt kerbs/palisades

Basalt kerbs/palisades

Discover our diverse Basalt kerbs and palisades, available in both cobbled styles for a natural weathered look and distinct smooth textures. Our Basalt kerbs and palisades are exported to Germany and France

We offer flexibility to match your specifications, with the potential for palisades and kerbs to extend up to 200cm in length.

Packaging is expertly handled, with Basalt palisades and kerbs securely stored in wooden pallets or crates.

Regular size and packing:

Basalt size

We can produce up to your requested sizes.

Should you find yourself intrigued by our collection of Basalt palisades and kerbs or enticed by our assortment of Basalt slabs/tiles, you extend an invitation to connect with us. Your inquiries and interests are welcome via email at: We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with you and cater to your needs for these exceptional natural stone products.

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